If you are considering working with us for your web project, this section is a great primer on how our team of developers diligently work to meet our client's needs. We have refined our methods over the years and take a lot of pride in how we interact with our customers to continue delivering great products. To quickly walk you through, let's imagine you need a fancy new website for a startup you are working on, and a contract has been signed.

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Discovery / Scope / Contract

Before we build a proposal, we sit down with your team for a discovery meeting that will give us better insight as to what your project is going to do. We will also work to identify any areas that can be improved or changed based on our previous experience. Typically, clients have their scope fairly well-defined, but we have been hired to consult with companies many times about projects that were loosely defined.

Preplanning and Setup

Our project manager, Mauro Velez, will meet with you and your team to walk you through our very own project management system. This is the link between your team and our team, and it will serve as the hub for documentation and communications.


In this step, a full project schedule is created and tasks are assigned to various team members. Final technologies, servers, and design preferences are all discussed during this stage to ensure everyone is on the same page.


Wireframes allow our team to express what we envision for the final product in a sketch format. This allows for changes to be quickly made and for the two teams to collaborate on the final product.


Our designers will work on several versions of the website based on the directions from the wireframes. After internal critiques and reviews, we choose a single direction to go in and deliver that design to you.


Developers will typically work from the wireframes to create the more complex functionality while designers are completing compositions. Once compositions are delivered to the client, the developers 'wrap' their code with the design and recreate many of the elements in a web-optimized format.

Testing / Deployment

For larger projects, we typically employ an outside firm to test our products. We keep an organized ticketing system in our project management system that our customers can see at any time. Our sites are organized by release number just like major software releases. Sites are always launched on a private server for testing before it is placed on the public server. Once testing is complete and customers give us thumbs up, we put the site on the public server.

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