Android Development Service

Extending your company's reach to mobile devices powered by Android is a definite way to make your brand stick in the minds of customers. Android's growing popularity appears to be due to its accessibility and ease of use. And, this has positioned Android to be a strong competitor in the mobile apps marketplace which, until now, has been completely dominated by the iPhone. With that said, being able to provide clients with the premium Android development service they are seeking while meeting this growing demand is constant challenge, but our Android application development team is up for the challenge.

LogicBomb Media has been able to grow with the Android platform from its early days giveing us a distinct advantage in the Android application development market. This knowledge gained from experience in the Android device evolution makes it possible to create applications compatible on all phones operating on the Android platform. So, you can rest assured when your app goes to the marketplace everyone will be able to enjoy it.

Our development process has been crafted and refined to position LBM as a top-notch company for Android development. Our team creates successful apps that are simple for anyone to operate and we accredit the majority of our success to focusing on usability. Because, if users cannot understand how to use an application quickly then it is highly unlikely it can be successful. Carefully constructing apps with by using proven data architecture methods and keeping the end-user in mind, enables our Android development team to provide award-winning apps. This strength for taking a complex application and designing it to be simple and useful has become our greatest asset.

Android App FAQ:

  • How long does an Android Application take to complete from start to finish? It varys greatly depending on the actual scope, but applications can be finished as quickly as a couple of weeks.
  • What if I don't have a specific idea for my Android application? Don't worry, the majority of clients do not have precise ideas, they just know they want an app. This is where our expertise in the mobile app industry will help the most, because we have a creative team that loves coming up with ground-breaking ideas.
  • How will my Android app be available to the public? After development and testing are completed, we will guide you and your new app through the Google Application submittal process to make them publicly available.
  • Can you give me an idea of how other businesses have used your mobile development services for Android devices to further their strategy? There are an unlimited number of ways apps can be used to market businesses, but some of our most recent (and successful) examples are:
    1. Mobile games developed from a theme derived from your company's products or operations.
    2. Business products or service extensions. We can make complete stand alone mobile e-Commerce applications or they can work alongside existing systems to make operations more efficient or easier to use.
    3. Using custom Android application development to work with intranet or internal business management functions can allow mobile control of any of your company's logistics.
    4. Social media applications that can sync or make social media sites perform operations to keep customers updated and in the loop.
    5. Android apps can be customized to perform almost any task, so there is no limit when it comes to promoting your company on mobile devices on the Android platform.

Speak with a LogicBomb Media representative about our Android development service options by calling: (404) 819-9870 or completing the form above.