eCommerce Development

In today's internet-based world, finding ecommerce web services capable of handling enterprise-level applications can be cumbersome. Many of the ecommerce systems on the market seem like the "perfect" choice, but become a nightmare to manage inventories and sales. The ecommerce development team at LogicBomb Media is skilled at identifying which ecommerce platform provides clients the most benefits at the lowest cost. The ecommerce web service insights our developers have can bring systems to production quickly and begin generating online revenues. But, we can accomplish this without the usual hiccups that plague other e-commerce solutions.

At LogicBomb, we've been developing professional e-commerce applications for a little under 10 years. Serving local and global clients with ecommerce development services has familiarized LBM's ecommerce development team with many different ecommerce applications and technologies. This personal experience makes educating clients about the positives and negatives of the majority of ecommerce systems much easier. Whether it is Magento or fully-customized online commerce system, we have the expertise to make online product and/or service system a successful endeavor.

Our abilities to integrate existing business (or POS systems) with ecommerce web services can make transitioning current operations as seamless as possible. Our e-commerce web developers are experts in creating effective and logical websites so consumer purchases are streamlined. Our ecommerce websites can be adjusted to any product or business model so any task, basic or complex, can be completed with relative ease. We do this by minimizing the number of steps customers go through to complete their online transactions. The ecommerce development solutions are structured with managers and employees in mind, so anyone can operate these solutions with a minimal learning curve.

Our e-commerce development services include:

  • Simple e-commerce interface, designed for maximum effectiveness
  • Developing custom shopping carts for any task
  • Inventory management solutions made for end-users
  • Sales and marketing integration that easily syncs with existing business systems
  • Shipping services that perform automatic calculations
  • ecommerce website is structured for search engine optimization (SEO) and aimed to increase visitor engagement
  • Any other custom development for ecommerce to make any customer experience memorable

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