Flash is a fantastic technology and when leveraged correctly it can make a website, mobile or desktop application more appealing than most enterprise-level applications. Flash development allows advanced animations and interactivity to be developed for a fraction of the cost. But, just like any technology, being able to gauge an application to determine which technology provides the most benefits at the lowest cost is the "real" challenge. Recently, many developers have stopped developing in Flash because newer languages and web technologies are offering competing animation abilities. With this said, Flash development still offers incredible solutions for complex situations while keeping projects affordable and easy to implement.

With the introduction of ActionScript 3, we are able to pull off more than ever before. One of the most exciting new features is the ability to develop Flash applications and publish them to the web, to the iPhone, to android or desktop almost simultaneously. AS3 Development is very similar to developing in Javascript and it continues to be a feasible solution for mobile and web applications.

Below we have listed some recent Flash programming projects (case studies) to give you an idea of what this powerful platform can offer. If your interested in learning more about the services we offer call us at (404) 819-9870 or fill out the form and a LogicBomb Media representative will be in contact with you shortly.


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Flash Programming Examples


    Ghost Hunters

    The best use of Flash for the web is when an application requires more dramatic effects than what is offered by JavaScript or access to robust libraries like live streaming. The producers of Ghost Hunters needed both, dramatic animation effects and live streaming, for a Halloween project we completed in 2009 and remains one an astounding example for the Flash developers at LBM. They provided us a map of an old asylum on which we registered several hot-spots. Users could click on the map and learn about that area of the asylum while watching live, behind the scenes shooting of the episode. It was a fantastic concept that could only be completed in Flash.

    Travel Channel - Ghost Adventures

    Tillman, Allen, Greer

    There is a hot debate on the web surrounding the best way to deliver videos to end users. To us, we simply want to reach the most customers possible in the easiest way possible. Unfortunately, due to conflicts of choosing a single video format for the web, the browser companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Mozilla have made it impossible to choose only one format and reach almost everyone. We strive to use a combination of Flash and HTML5 video to reach the most users with the content our customers have worked so hard to create. Tillman, Allen, Greer is a fantastic example of a robust video creator needed to reach customers on their desktop, iPad, iPhone and Android devices with minimal hassle. With these custom developed Flash and HTML5 video players we can support all platforms with a single video codec.

    Story Road Video Player


    Stufund provides student loans and asked us to work with Micstura, one of their partners in Miami, to create a sister applications to an iPhone application Micstura was going to complete. They wanted to simplify the process of estimating how much money a student could receive from his FAFSA application. We created a Flash-powered desktop application that completed this task on the AIR framework. This allowed us to write a fully functioning desktop application for Windows, OSX and Linux at the same time. With AIR we can deploy changes quickly with automatic updates, secure the application with encryption, and now push to Android and iPhone devices.

    StuFund Application


    Something Flash has been suited for since day one is creating custom web-based games. Recently, we teamed up with Mighty 8th Media to create four games for Blaze Sports, a sports league for physically disabled children. Each game's goal is to educate kids about this amazing sports league.

    Chartbuster Karaoke Custom Flash Disc Creator
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