HTML5 Websites

Until recently, web developers were forced to resort to multiple languages for creating rich-content websites. With the introduction of HTML5 websites the constraints of using HTML for basic layouts and structural elements has been greatly relieved. Now, HTML5 web developers have an assortment of options for creating dynamic web-browsing experiences. Many innovative features have been added to aid managing multimedia, graphics effects, file access, styling and other interactive media objects.

One of the greatest strengths HTML5 websites possess are the compatibility they offer across devices. With the growing number of devices and browser types it is essential that web applications can be viewed by all of them. With websites in HTML5, any modern web browser has the ability to uniformly display the web design. So, no more worries about special plug-ins like Flash, Quicktime or Silverlight to make animations visible to end-users. Unlocking this level of compatibility and eliminating the days of needing proprietary media plug-ins has helped developers support HTML5 website technologies.

LogicBomb Media's HTML5 web developers are well versed in HTML5 development best-practices and standards. Our knowledge can unlock this flexible technology to develop custom applications that are powerful and affordable business solutions.

If you need to hire an HTML5 developer that will provide customizable development services, please feel free to contact the LogicBomb Team by filling out the contact form or visiting the contact page.