As a young company our two founders wanted to find a way to quickly start working on projects and begin building a reputation for themselves. While doing so, we found a market that was desperately in need of quality interactive programming solutions for marketing and advertising firms with art and marketing talent but no web site programmers. We offer on-demand web site programmer service for web applications, mobile applications and Flash programming. Our interactive programming staff can reduce the costs associated with large programming firms and can work closely with clients to customize plans to precisely fit their needs.

We will gladly meet with you for pre-sales meetings to help build proposals, price and budget projects and discuss the possibilities for their project. Typically, we work the entire project workflow: participating in bidding, pre-planning, wireframes, design, design review and of course programming. Working with you and your client from the beginning to the end produces the best results, but we also have the ability to enter projects at any point to produce the final product.

The LogicBomb Media programmers have always overcome roadblocks and difficulties to deliver our clients the best interactive programming services in Atlanta and worldwide. Complete the contact form to talk with a LBM staff member or call us at: (404) 819-9870 to learn more.


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    Our team has been around the block. We have worked on projects both big and small and recognize the positives and negatives of every project's outcome. Sometimes smaller is better. Sometimes there are approaches to problems that can vastly improve the quality of a project or significantly lower the cost. We don't believe these things have to take tens of hours to figure out; sometimes we can find great things to add over a good lunch. Just let us know what you have questions about, and remember we are here to help.

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    During the pre-planning phase of our projects, we spend a good deal planning what the page will look like and--more importantly--focusing on where we want to drive our users. I mean, we got you reading this paragraph didn't we? By using wireframes in our preplanning phase, we can quickly move things around and even do some preliminary testing with users to see where they naturally travel to. We draw out animations to identify the best technology for the effect we want to achieve. We also prioritize our feature set from most important to least important and cut the features that may not be worth the cost and time. Preplanning is essential to our projects and allows all parties involved to better understand the goals of the end product.



    An obvious way to use our firm is for programming, but what you may not understand is what kind of code you will receive from us. We use best practices when coding to offer you flexibility for any future adds and changes so that you are free to use any developer that also follows best practices. We offer full documentation to follow our code, testing results and measurements, and user manuals for your customers. For output HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, we follow W3 standards to ensure full browser compatibility. For mobile applications, we price only single submissions to application stores like iTunes into your cost as we follow all HIG guidelines necessary to get approved the first time.

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    Projects in the wild require occasional maintenance as well as change requests from customers. We offer hourly maintenance rates as well as discounted retainer fees for clients that can leverage us against multiple customers. With regard to retainers, we will roll unused hours over, and those can be used for project feature upgrades or larger feature requests. We will work with your team to build a package that makes sense for your projects and customers.

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