Interactive Web Design

At LBM concentrate on architecting Interactive Web Design that provides a rich user experience that is easy to understand and navigate. By keeping in touch with the latest trends on the web we are able to develop state of the art user interfaces with today's in web technology. We always want our applications to be exciting and fun to use but never so complicated as to confuse users.

To create your website GUI we start by creating conceptual wireframes which allow us to visualize user work flow to ensure a user experience that will be enjoyable by end-users. Each and every screen of the website, mobile app, or web application is drawn as a wireframe so that both of our teams fully understand what we are building.

Within the wireframes we identify major user interface design elements such as:

  • Page structure: Broad-stroke structure of pages or screens within the application.
  • Button placement: What is the best way to layout the actions of the page.
  • Labels: Is there a better label for a page, button, or description that would help users?
  • Form layouts: Forms are usually an essential part of conversions. We make them easy.
  • Animated elements: Interactive web design grabs attention and makes a web and mobile experience more engaging.
  • Navigational elements: How do you get around on the application or website?
  • Copy Zones: What copy and images are we going to need to put together while a site is being constructed? By defining these zones early we can maximize our time for developing a real marketing strategy.

Paying close attention to your UI early in the planning stage to create an interactive design for your users can do many things for your project. It can greatly increase the opportunity for success and stay on budget by increasing efficiency. It can also greatly improve the end product by developing a unified approach for giving your end users what they want and steering them in the direction of our goals.

Interactive Web Design

The engineering of a website page or mobile application screen to create the most engaging and efficient user experience possible.

Website GUI (Graphical User Interface)

The graphics that are presented on the web page that allow a user to interact with the page in various ways.


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