Web Design Services

We have been providing Atlanta Web Design services since our company began in 2007. We pride ourselves on the ability to architect sites that provide rich interfaces while not sacrificing ease of use and SEO best practices. Inside you can find examples of our previous work and how we arrived at the final design.

Web Development Services

Providing Custom Web Development has always been our company's foundation. Developing affordable, efficient applications tailored to client business requirements. Our web developers have special knowledge in creating internet media services that can offer an array of benefits to any web-based business application.

Mobile Application Development

We've grown into a top Mobile Development Company for smartphones and mobile devices. Our mobile apps empower businesses by connecting them with users via online services, business systems or other web-based resources. Our developers are proficient in online development for all the most popular mobile devices.

iPhone Mobile Development Services iPhone Apps Developer Services Mobile Development Services for Android Phones

Enterprise-Level Internet Media Services

Custom Development Services for Business Solutions

Applications Designed for Success

Our services in application development provide businesses with custom developed solutions to support sales and marketing operations. When customers have unique problems, they must be solved with innovative thinking. For this reason the LogicBomb team of developers packs an arsenal of tools to tackle the most unusual of circumstances. We assess project needs, plan for the future and design strategies to allow business applications to be successful. Over are the days of bloated systems that fail to give you what you need.


Experienced Online Development


Experience The Difference

LogicBomb Media is unique because of our tremendous amount of experience building all types of website applications like Facebook Apps, internal tools for proprietary systems, custom content management systems or public apps that use a fantastic web service API's like Google Maps or Twilio. In the last few years, we have leveraged our knowledge and skillset and applied it when building mobile applications. By leaning our applications on one of our custom web services, customers can then use web-based APIs to change application content without our team having to assist them. Get more details about what we can offer by going to the contact page.

Web-Based Solutions that are Unique and Built to Scale

Custom Developed Applications

Custom Developed Solutions using Twilio, Paypal and other Public Web Services

Custom Tailored Internet Development Services

Developing custom web and mobile applications tailored to fit the customers needs is our specialty. We pride ourselves on the ability to quickly assess the client's operational structure and find ways to leverage web and mobile development technologies to lower production costs, improve quality and increase customer service, which generally increases sales. One, or all, of these reasons are the purpose of LBM when we meet with our customers. Typically, those goals are reached by creating amazing websites and mobile applications that assist our customer's business processes by making them more exciting, intriguing and efficient.


Complete System Integration


Our Developers can bring it together

The top priority during development is to seemlessly integrate solutions with the client's existing business model. By fitting apps to current business systems which client's have already established, generally, they only have to make minor adjustments and overall it allows for quick adaptation. This lets us provide solutions to empower clients rather than overwhelming them with more software. Many companies can create websites and mobile solutions, but designing applications with simplicity and elegance sets us apart from the competition. Our background and development experience in: custom web development, mobile development and flash development are unmatched and can give any company an edge over their competitors.

Mobile and Web Developed Applications for seemless Business System Integration