About the Project

Creative Team

  • Project Management: Red Clay Interactive
  • Interface Architecture: Red Clay Interactive
  • Design: Red Clay Interactive
  • Development: LBM

Project Details

Beecher Carlson specializes in insurance and risk management for specific industries like energy, healthcare, hospitality, real estate and manufacturing.  We were hired to create a few different components for their website and for presentations at conferences.  The first request was for a Flash interface that would allow users to learn a little more about the industry-specific risk management before clicking and continuing on.

The second project was an animation that is used to display how the company’s Zoom product works. This same product is shown at various conferences and trade shows the company attends. We built the animation in Flash and set it to 100% display resolution so that it could play full screen on a projector.


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Information Isn't Boring

Both of these examples show that informative doesn't have to be boring. By using interactive functionality, menus can be informative and present fresh design.

Media Rich Presentations

Beecher Carlson saw that a business didn't have to be stuck with the same old PowerPoint presentations. Presenters can use rich media to keep their audience engaged.