About the Project

Creative Team

  • Project Management: Mighty 8th Media
  • Interface Architecture: LBM
  • Design: Mighty 8th Media
  • Development: LBM

Project Details

We have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic organizations in the Atlanta area, but BlazeSports was one of the most fun.  The organization specializes in using sports to promote the equality of disabled young folks and to help foster healthy mental and physical lifestyles.  They host a wide range of sports from boccia to wheelchair basketball to swimming and are currently involved with countries all around the world.

For BlazeSports, we had a two major projects.  The first project centered around four Flash games for a new ‘Kids Corner’ on their new website.  Blaze Hoops Challenge was a wheelchair basketball game that focused on well-timed clicks.  Blazing Wheels Racing is a game where users would race a computer AI by pushing their arrow keys back and forth.  Blaze Matching Madness is a card matching game.  And finally, the Blaze Coloring Book allows kids to color in one of several drawings and print it out on their printer.

The second phase of the project was to build a CMS website that provided the BlazeSports staff with a way to quickly publish new stories and media.  Their existing site, at the time, had grown a little unwieldy and required a full-time developer to make changes whenever a new story was published or a small change needed to be made.  With the newly designed site by Mighty 8th Media, we created a CMS system on top of WordPress that allows for blog publishing, calendar events, and full control over their various sports pages.  Of course, they can also create new pages and edit existing ones.


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Games, Games, Games

We built four custom games for BlazeSports that showcase different aspects of the BlazeSports experience for kids.


Since Wordpress 3.0 came out in 2010 the CMS world needs to watch out. We wrote custom plugins to give Blaze the ultimate controls.

iPad / iPhone Friendly

Instead of using Flash for the homepage hero, we coded the designs using jQuery for iPad-friendly browsing.

Fantastic New Structure

The old BlazeSports was very tough to navigate. We greatly simplified the sitemap and reorganized the content during pre-planning.