About the Project

Creative Team

  • Project Management: Red Clay Interactive
  • Interface Architecture: Red Clay Interactive
  • Design: Red Clay Interactive
  • Development: LBM / RCI

Project Details

Bradburn creates some of the most fantastic and ornate furniture on the market today.  Every piece is meticulously designed and might be shipped to three or four locations around the world to be assembled by skilled artists.  Even if the style isn’t up your alley, you can appreciate the work that goes into these lamps, tables, and vases.  We were asked to help build the private gallery for dealers and interior designers that would help accompany the lavishness of the furniture itself.

The Bradburn gallery project is a fantastic example of what Flash can bring to the world of dynamic data.  The gallery is not only a way to view images of Bradburn products, but is also a way for interior designers to plan, build, and purchase products from Bradburn.  After compiling a custom gallery, they can review the lineup with their clients and then proceed to checkout. The gallery contains multiple views to allow for quick navigation and browsing  high resolution, detail view of products, all in the single Flash application.

This site has brains to go with the brawn. The tool is completely dynamic, allowing the fine folks at Bradburn to add, remove, and modify products from a PHP-based administrative panel.  We worked with Red Clay Interactive to dynamically connect Flash to this admin panel to provide up-to-date product information.


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100% Beautiful Flash

If you are able to make the jump to 100% Flash, you can do some amazing things. Bradburn Gallery has seamless transition between pages, with the gallery constantly resizing and changing based on searches or the scroll wheel.


The Bradburn Gallery has a huge collection. Hundreds of gigabytes of images and meta information power the website. Together with Red Clay Interactive, we built an engine that updates immediately as users click around the interface.

Powerful Search

The advanced search allows users to search by keyword, division, category, collection, color, material, dimensions, and stock status.

Custom Collections

Interior designers and retailers can build custom collections with customers as they find the pieces they plan on purchasing. They can then revisit this collection at an time and make the purchase directly from Bradburn or through their retailer.