About the Project

Creative Team

  • Project Management: Red Clay Interactive
  • Interface Architecture: Red Clay Interactive
  • Design: Red Clay Interactive
  • Development: LBM (Flash)

Project Details

Chad Shore is an artist in Gainesville, Georgia who has been making things look good for quite some time.  He’s a painter and sculptor, uses any medium that he can get his hands on, and has painted everything from t-shirts to boats.

We were approached by Red Clay Interactive and their lead designer to construct a unique Flash menu as well as the bio section of the Chad Shore website.  They wanted the menu to have a brush stroke look to it when it appeared so we used Flash animation on top of traditional JavaScript and HTML.  Additionally, we embedded a video on the bio page and coded it in a way to appear correctly at nearly any resolution.  We also applied a pixel effect so that, as the video grew in size, it would look stylized instead of pixilated.


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Video with Style

The effect on Chad Shore's bio video came out fantastic in our opinion. Chad was happy with the end product and so were we.

Navigate with Flash

On a site that is this stylized, you want what Flash can deliver. Google discussed way back in 2008 that reading Flash text and links was not an issue.