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Creative Team

  • Project Management: Red Clay Interactive
  • Interface Architecture: Red Clay Interactive
  • Design: Red Clay Interactive
  • Development: LBM

Project Details

We have had the opportunity to collaborate with Jentezen Franklin and his Free Chapel church on several occasions, working on their main hero bars.  From a design perspective, the first version was our favorite, but it ended up being impractical.  It was a Flash hero that would display slow moving video of preaching and of the congregation worshiping.  It is a fantastic design.  Unfortunately, it was just too much bandwidth for what it was worth.

Our revisions for both the Jentezen Franklin site and the Free Chapel church are much more traditional but offer more customization in terms of content management.  The only thing that could be changed before was the text on the hero. On the new versions, Jentezen Franklin has full control over the imagery, linking, and amount of slides.


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We Learn

Working with Jentezen Franklin was a great learning opportunity. Sometimes designs can be too demanding; and just because they can be done doesn't mean they should be done. Still, it was a great design by Aaron Stump!

CMS in Flash or JavaScript

It doesn't matter to us: you should be able to control it all.