About the Project

Creative Team

  • Project Management:
  • Interface Architecture:
  • Design: Jennifer Siglini
  • Development: LBM

Project Details

Royal Caribbean cruise line is one of the world’s largest cruise lines with over a quarter of the cruise travel market share.  They currently own and operate over 42 cruise ships around the world including the largest passenger cruise ship: Allure of the Seas.

LBM worked with Royal Caribbean to create a Flash-powered masthead for their homepage that utilized an internally-constructed CMS system.  We helped them modify their XML into a structure that would provide ways for them to modify the background, animation style, title locations, and support video all on multiple slides. Additionally, they needed a way to override the system in case of any international alerts such as weather or other international incidents. This would alert any visitor before the hero banner started playing and would store a cookie on their system to prevent multiple notifications.


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Complete Control

Royal can control the copy, location of copy, background images, and even insert videos into the masthead.

Intelligent Alerts

To keep passengers alerted of any weather or international problems, Royal could set an alert to play before the regular show began.