About the Project

Creative Team

  • Project Management: Red Clay Interactive
  • Interface Architecture: Red Clay Interactive
  • Design: Red Clay Interactive
  • Development: LBM

Project Details

SouthernLINC Wireless is a communications company owned by The Southern Company that operates in the Southeast United States.  One of their selling points is their robust support of push-to-talk features which allow you to be in instantaneous communication with someone else.  It’s like a walkie-talkie with no distance limitation.

SouthernLINC worked with us and the tremendous designers at Red Clay Interactive to build What’s Your Push, an interactive microsite to show the benefits for various industries to use push-to-talk functionality.  To demonstrate these features, Red Clay created four video case studies around four personalities: Construction worker, Law Enforcement, Florist, and a Logger.  LBM then took those videos, treated them to knock them out in the white room, and then placed them on a fully-interactive flash website.  Users can click on one of the three major categories: Connect, Manage, and Reach and hear stories from each of these personalities.


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Seamless Video Experience

The video was treated and inlaid in a way to make it part of the site, not just sitting in a box.

Integrated Meta Information

The meta information sit alongside the videos so that you can read while you listen.