About the Project

Creative Team

  • Project Management: Micstura
  • Interface Architecture: Micstura
  • Design: LBM
  • Development: LBM

Project Details

StuFund’s goal is to provide educational funding to any student that wants to get an education.  They provide the resources and knowledge to file the appropriate paperwork and to simplify the entire process of filing for student funding.

To improve their library of resources, Stufund wanted to release an affordable desktop application that would greatly simplify the six major FAFSA forms required to get student funding from Uncle Sam.  They asked us to design and build a desktop application that would simplify the process by only asking applicable questions, present users with the loan amount they were eligible for, and allow them to print out all of the pre-populated forms necessary to mail in.  To keep the application cost effective while allowing for the widest range of platform support, we built the Stufund  Financial Aid Manager in Adobe AIR.  The application asked a few key questions like marriage status and state of residence and then a few more questions depending on those key answers.


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Streamlined Government Forms

Enough said? :) Both Micstura and LBM spent a great deal of time optimizing the forms to automatically determine the appropriate FAFSA form should be submitted. We also made sure not to ask for redundant data. Of course, we automatically calculate tax tables and do any mathematics.

Slick Transitions

Because we are using Flash to write the Adobe AIR application, we have access to the transitions we would typically use on any web projects. Screens change smoothly, and the application looks slick 100% of the time.

RSS Reader

The application downloads and reads news feeds from StuFund when the user clicks on the RSS Feeds button. The news is presented in the same drill-down approach as the rest of the application.


The application will print partial or completed forms in PDF format that can be immediately submitted.