About the Project

Creative Team

  • Project Management: Micstura
  • Interface Architecture: LBM
  • Design: LBM / Micstura
  • Development: LBM

Project Details

Visa processed 62 billion (that’s a ‘B’) transactions in 2009 with a 38% market share of credit cards and 60% hold over debit cards.  They are an impressive corporation that is capable of passing 10,000 credit card authorizations, purchases, and denials per second over VisaNet, their proprietary processing network.

Because Visa is a complex corporation, they turned to LBM and our partners at Micstura to come up with some unique ideas on how to train new employees on a variety of systems.  We wireframed several concepts and decided on one that we thought worked best.  We presented our idea to teaching professionals for feedback and tweaked our final concept.

Based on the concepts of reinforcement, we presented Visa with an application that first shows an employee a quick video along with text that shows how to perform a particular task.  The user is then given the opportunity to repeat the task in a simulated environment.  Once the program detects the task has been completed, the user can then move on to the next lesson.  Shortly after presenting our sketches, we were asked to build the application which is now being deployed to 5 different countries for training.


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Speaking My Language

Localization is important so employees may learn in their native language. Portuguese, Spanish, and English are all supported on this multinational application. New languages can be added in a snap.

Cue the Video

By using Flash, we are able to manipulate video using cue points in some interesting ways such as dynamic resizing the text accompaniment.

Infinitely Expandable

Our program was written in a modular way where we can quickly deploy new lessons.

Simulated Experience

We recreated the experience users see in the video so they can complete the task they just viewed. We also track their movements to ensure they have completed all of the steps before they move on.