About the Project

Creative Team

  • Project Management: LBM
  • Interface Architecture: LBM
  • Design: LBM
  • Development: LBM

Project Details

Once a year since we started LBM we have left on a company retreat where we try to learn a new technology at a fun location. This year we went to the North Georgia mountains to create an application for one of our favorite games: StarCraft. Our technology focus was two-fold:

  1. While we have used CakePHP for several years now we wanted to try a new framework. We selected CodeIgniter Framework due to its speed, popularity, and the fact it powers the very popular Expression Engine.
  2. Build a web-based mobile app that didn’t feel like a web-based app. We did a lot of research on what framework might tackle this the best and we settled on Sencha Touch. We had a humbling start but were off to the races within a few hours.

The end product ended up looking and working better than we had even hoped for. There are still a few bugs and its far from production ready but we felt that for a 48 hour project SC: Overtime gave us a great opportunity to learn some new things and have fun doing it.


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HTML5 Powered Web App

The great thing about web-based 'app' is the ability to quickly deploy, make changes immediate, no approval wait time, no revenue loss. Using Sencha Touch we can achieve an app that feels like a native app.


The folks at Blizzard are constantly tweaking and changing the way StarCraft works. We made the system that powers SC: Overtime content manageable so even your grandmother could manage this thing.