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Creative Team

  • Project Management: LBM
  • Interface Architecture: LBM
  • Design: LBM
  • Development: LBM

Project Details

TAG owns and operates 6 newspaper and magazine publications in Gwinnett County Georgia, making it one of the largest publishers in the state.  Their goal with their latest redesign was to separate each of their publications onto their own domain but have the ability to publish from a central location.  We used WordPress to support the multisite installation and then wrote custom plugins to allow TAG to cross-post stories to the six network sites. Below are a few of the additional features we built into the website network.


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Cross Posting Plugin

We wrote a custom plugin that allows the writers to publish to any category in their network of sites.

Seamless Desktop and Mobile Video

Using our knowledge of Flash and HTML5, we created a Wordpress plugin that will fall back to whatever video format the client's browser will support.

Awesome Flash Video Library

For the People to Know website, TAG wanted a library that could catalog all of their videos in one place. We created a Flash library that is completely updatable by the TAG staff.

iPhone / iPad Friendly Pages

One of TAG's requests was to maintain a consistent look and feel for the majority of the site on mobile platforms. We made the CMS-powered homepage hero JavaScript and HTML to maintain support on Apple products.

Powerful Advertising System

We included a powerful advertising system that allowed TAG to easily manage website advertising in many places on the website including dropdowns, sidebars, or alongside any article.

Social Networking

Both Twitter and Facebook were integrated to automatically grab social updates.