About the Project

Creative Team

  • Project Management: Mighty 8th MediaMedia
  • Interface Architecture: LBM
  • Design: Mighty 8th Media
  • Development: LBM

Project Details

Wildlands leases and maintains wetland habitats for plants and animals and leases government-mandated credits to those lands to construction companies.  The idea is that, if a company builds a condominium that encroaches on a certain animal’s environment, the company needs to spend some money to maintain land where that animal lives.

To help companies find credits that appropriate to their company, they asked us to build an interactive mapping system for them.  The map contains millions of data points that we use to build region boundaries and is ready to grow.  The Wildlands GIS mapping team can upload a special map file that contains all the coordinates, and the system automatically converts that data into simple latitude and longitudinal data and stores it.  When a user clicks on a shape, the map automatically fetches that information and presents it on the map along with pictures and a description.

Additionally, we built a blogging system and traditional marketing website alongside the map focusing on how Wildlands takes special care of the lands it tends.


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Millions of Points of Data

We efficiently parse through millions of data points to make the map regions usable for the users.


The map is searchable by various methods including location and animals.

Image Galleries and More

The CMS for the map supports meta information like pictures and a description.

Site News

Wildlands can update the site with news releases which updates various places around the website.