Web Graphic Design

For the last fifteen years we have refined our Web Graphic Design skills so that we would have the ability to deliver fantastic looking sites that do fantastic things. We are designers with the ability to work with any company's marketing style to create fantastic, fast-loading, sites that users can understand while being amazed.

Creative Website Design involves more than Photoshop. It requires the designer to take into account what our client wants in their design, how the design can support the project's goals, and how to make the experience a unique and memorable one. To accomplish these goals our design team works together with the UI/UX team to ensure that the design emphasizes the right parts of the page, have easy-to-read UI elements, and use color to lead users in the desired direction.

Once our designers have worked with the UI team they will create several compositional screen tests to review with our internal team and our customer. Every project's process is different but generally compositions we compile go through a couple of revisions before they are approved by our team and our customers.

After a design is approved we spend a great deal of time ensuring that our final product in HTML matches the original compositions. If done correctly, the site can maintain a pixel-perfect layout from the creative website design while not abandoning great performance. By using image sprites, advanced CSS techniques, and compilers we can create make very complex design render quickly.


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